Sexual Health Education & Personal Empowerment

Teaching to inform on all matters Sexual Health and Facilitation of  Personal Empowerment are my passion and employment in life. I have devised and teach a whole host of lessons containing in depth, holistic and evidence based knowledge about Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Personal Empowerment is a key component of health and Wellbeing and a major contributing protective factor in personal choice,  boundaries and achievement of freedom in all aspects of Sexual and Reproductive Health. I offer many tools, direct facilitation and resources to support personal development and empowerment. Information on the Life Coaching and Alignment Facilitation can be found throughout this website.

All lessons are interactive, fun and assessment of student learning is embedded into each session delivered via a range of E-Learn environments and block week study in class. The format of lessons includes Live E-Learn class sessions, Flip Classroom video and other pre recorded video formats and study group tutorial sessions. Full information can be found on the Sexual Health Education page of this website.

Each lesson from Degree level through to Masters level of study has content appropriate to the academic level of study, can be directed towards module learning outcomes and is taught for clinical and non clinical students.

breaking the chains
Sexual Health and Freedom for All

I also provide comprehensive Relationship and Sex Education packages, lessons and train the trainer sessions with age appropriate evidence based information and educational resources. The sessions offer fun, interaction, clear information and connect the students to the material to allow for deeper learning. Full information on the RSE packages can be found on the RSE page of this website.

I work with a variety of learning managment systems such as Blackboard, Moodle & Canvas or via Google Hangouts. I provide additional resources, interactive quizzes, discussion and assessment of student learning as an integral part of every lesson.

All Sexual Health lessons are prepared, delivered and additional resources added to your learning management system space in line with the Ad Hoc rate paid by your institution for a 3 hour teaching session.

Please browse through the lessons I provide for further information and do not hesitate to contact me for further information via details on the contact page.


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