When does life begin?

whatever is good for your soul do that  The moment you open your eyes blinking into the world is  traditionally where the beginning of our lifetime’s journey is perceived to happen. I have other ideas, I believe we can all live like the walking dead, disconnected and completely at the mercy of outside influences and opinions until we truly connect with our own authentic power, our Soul and live according to our own passion, truth and ideas.

I have worked in the field of authentic empowerment and alignment for the last 25 years and within Sexual Health for the last 16 years and there is one thing I have come to understand from the thousands of people I have worked to support is that disempowerment and disconnect can lead to many issues of ill health in all aspects of life and can lead people into stuck emotional patterns and increase vulnerability to abuse and intimidation.

My own story is a very real and challenging journey of learning and developing skills and awareness to connect back to my authentic self, my journey, to slide on over to the driving seat of my very existence to live – to open my eyes and come blinking into the light of allowing joy, exhuberance, passion and Faith into all those hidden places of grief, separation, insecurity, disempowerment and generally being out of whack!

I have witnessed and supported people of all belief systems, genders, race, age groups, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds move through disempowering ways of living, with side effects such as poverty, fears & phobias, domestic violence, overweight, abuse of drugs and alcohol, rape & sexual assault, child sexual exploitation or just living feeling isolated unworthy and disconnected lives being far less than they were meant to be.

My intention with this Blog is three-fold, to share what I know in terms of actual tools and techniques for change in the hopes this will inspire others to utilise them  to make real change in their own lives. Secondly, to contribute to positive sexual health and inclusivity for all in bringing relevant timely sexual health insight and information from a very grounded perspective and thirdly  to share my stories – the funny, the tragic and sometimes daily happenings to illustrate how I continue to connect, to align, to strive to live in congruence with my own nature. Gary Zukav terms this as the ‘personality serving the Soul’. I choose now to live in joy, to laugh often, to play and to serve life and people in every way I can and in service to a raising of perspective and promote a sense of ownership and empowerment in how we create our own life story.

This Blog will not be perfect, but it will be real and honest and hopefully really helpful for people in providing some useful tools, techniques and insights.

Catch up with you soon

Mandy xxx

Zukav, G. (1989) The Seat of the Soul. New York: Simon & Schuster

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