Our first few weeks living in France

Well it has been a crazy busy couple of months but hilariously fun and challenging in equal measure. We have moved into our new home in the Dordogne and were met with snake skin in the conservatory, bats in the kitchen, lizards and a nation of spiders scurrying about the place. All, I’m assured completely normal for a farmhouse out in the woolly wild of France but disconcerting none the less.

snake skin

I made a firm decision to exist with the wildlife and stop screaming like a person who screams a lot and runs away, the skin crawling tension had just become too much for me and so I took hold of myself and made a firm decision … I think! The truth is now we have cleared, cleaned and begun the renovation, the wildlife now pretty much stays outside which works really well for me.

When we first moved in, there was a kind of surreal quality to the experience, I have always worked full time and now I have given up my role as a full time lecturer in sexual and reproductive health to become unemployed .. erm sorry I meant to become an entrepreneur.

The house was full of the previous owner’s belongings and it felt so disrespectful and a little sad to be trawling through them and clearing them out. A life lived here, a full life and all the signs and little trinkets around as evidence of that life, even the late Mme’s washing on the washing line upstairs in the barn as a testament to her latter times here in the home they had built and loved in together.

Bit by bit as the weeks have rolled by this house has become our home and now it feels like us, like the life we have brought to share within these walls. Friends and good people have visited and we have many more friends and family arriving over the next couple of months, a real growing sense of community exists here, it feels so good to be able to share this place and the sunshine and smiles with our children, family and friends and it feels so good for us to be here together, we are best pals my husband and me and we laugh easily together.

The first couple of weeks in we were like two bears with fizzingly sore heads, we growled and snapped at each other, I think it was the range of emotions, exhaustion and the magnitude of what we have done here all swirling and whirling around. It felt so good to get bedded in and back to our old banterful selves again. Getting both of our Harleys on the road has been amazing too, that is my meditation, my time and play time for us both.

We sat tonight out in the garden until the wee small hours with Moby setting the mood, and talked and talked about our vision, our people and our love, just really wanting at the end of this blog post to just simply send out a little prayer of gratitude, feel so very thankful this evening.

We don’t know the whole picture yet, what we’ll do and who we’ll meet but we are happy to go with our flow and let it all unfold.

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  1. Wow, amazing so happy for you both. A brave move but I’m sure the right one. Your life will be wonderful because your wonderful. Love you xx


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