Loving the community vibe

So we are moving on with adjusting to life here in France, the bats have had babies and they are actually truly cute 🙂 tiny little bundles of flappy-ness moving around the barn.

The downside is they pee on poo on the bikes but a well chosen cover up with tarp has solved the problem. It will be a shame to see them all move on in September but I feel our time together will be at a close as they and their babies are all able to fly on outta here to find a lovely new cosy barn roof to hang from. We have partially reclaimed space in the barn and it is looking fab, Andy is looking forward to developing the man cave.

The barn looking very clear The other fantastic news since my last blog is the bikes being on the road 🙂 I have to say it, the riding here is bloody brilliant, we have lots to explore and because of the demands of work and house renovation, it is just a day grabbed here and there to get out and about at the moment but so many moments trundling down the road with the sun on our faces and for me singing out loud – luckily I have not yet swallowed any wildlife on my travels whilst singing with my piss pot helmet on 🙂

The unexpected pleasure of our new life here has been the extended visits of family and friends and the energy and meandering conversations that has brought. In the UK our visitations would be an evening out or a few hours catching up with a brew. Here, we sit and chew the fat, we share our thoughts, our hopes and dreams, we share a glass or two or more of our chosen tipple and laugh, play music, share stories. Waking up and sharing breakfast, exploring the area, sitting in companionable silence reading books, not needing to fill that heart filled silence with nonesense conversations but enjoying peace and tranquility together. Family and friends showing up with willing hands and hearts and helping to transform the place and always with the banter and the laughter ❤ Such generous hearted people, it is quite a humbling and empowering way of being in the world.

Soon we will have a kitchen and not using a campout kitchen set up in the front room, I will miss having to balance plates and pans on boxes and chairs …. not.

It might sound strange but Andy and myself chatted tonight about Winter coming – maybe a nod to GOT or maybe an acknowledgement that we will be facing the unknown, the tourists will be gone, the visits from family and friends from the UK will be over for a little while  and we are curious as how life will unfold over the winter months.

The abiding truth for all of us, life is for living, for giving and sharing and bringing something to the party ❤ people and experiences matter, not things or places or ownership of anthing. I wish everyone a smile today and if not today then soon ❤

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