The truth about Attention

“Where Attention goes Energy Flows” – James Redfield

As you look at the image above, take a moment to absorb it. What did you first notice about this image? Was it the bright blue sky up ahead in the distance? Was it the frozen cold ground? Was it the green of the trees showing through, despite the winter frost? Was it the path immediately in front of you or the one winding off somewhere unknown into the distance? Was it off to the side into the woods? Can you catch your thoughts and clarify where your attention and gaze were first drawn or do your thoughts seem to rush in and flit about so that you cannot extract a clear answer to the question of what you first noticed?

Law of Attraction is a real law of the universe, we create our own reality by virtue of the thoughts we think, the beliefs we hold and the corresponding emotions we emit as a signal, drawing back into our life experience events of the same nature. Is your attention fragmented? Are you at the ebb and flow of thoughts coming and going with no conscious clarity on your part? Living in an unconscious manner and only half paying attention to your life can lead you to mediocrity and lack.

Very simple practices if incorporated into your day in a consistent manner can help support big changes in your life and facilitate you into becoming a deliberate creator of your experience as opposed to being in reaction to the events of your life thus far.

Sit with this picture or another scene from nature and decide what you will focus upon, retain this focus for 5 minutes. If for example you pick the frost on the road to place your focus upon, then maintain momentum in this choice of thought.

“The frost is covering the dirt of the road, it is hiding the stones and grass that usually line a country lane such as this. I wonder what is happening beneath the surface of that frost. Soon the frost will melt and reveal the lane in its naked glory …”

You get the idea, it is complete waffle about an icy lane, but the gift of practising focus will yield rewards to you when you move to maintaining focus about the life you do want to create rather than maintaining focus on the lack in life and therefore creating more of it.

There are so many more layers to contemplating where your gaze is first drawn to in this picture, but perhaps that can be explored at a later date.


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