The Real Truth About Procrastination and Self Sabotage


How many times have you sat down with your notebook and made a list of all the things you are going to improve in your life? Your body, your finances, your love life, your addictive habits, your friendships and all the ways you are going to raise your standards and BE the very best you can be.

What was it that made you NOT follow through with the amazing life fulfilling choices? You knew when you made each list that you wanted life to improve, you maybe had some fear about the downward spiral direction of life.

What is the mind chatter telling you in the very moment you sell yourself out and repeat the same cycle of procrastination and self-sabotage? What excuses did your ego bring forth in order to keep you stuck in an identity that only serves to keep you in lack and mediocrity.

The content of the excuses is not so important as the acknowledgement of the pattern of listening to that sneaky mind chatter telling you it’s better to start tomorrow, tonight I’m just ready for a drink, one day it will get better but today I don’t have the time, money, resources, energy and on and on it goes.

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something, I put it to you that the something you are postponing is your life. When you wait for the ‘perfect’ moment, the ideal circumstances in order to begin living the life you deserve, then you will continue to half live in pain, frustration and lack.

purple heart swirl

When you are living beyond the limits of your available lifeforce and ignoring the still small voice of your own Soul giving you the intuitive nudges in the direction of the actions to take to improve your life beyond measure, you can feel depleted, fearful and dis-connected with yourself, everything and everybody.

Change is an inside job; your external life is a direct representation of what is twirling and stuck inside of you and even the smallest of daily practice if done regularly can begin to change the trajectory of your life. When you begin to honour your own truth and align with your whole self, life will begin to flow, and you will feel ease where once you felt clogged and upset with yourself and the life you are living.

Just making 5 minutes a day for yourself and BEing consistent in your practice will begin filling up the well of peace within you. I have included below a very quick but extremely effective daily practice you might like to try.


Breathing Process

  • Focus upon your breath, as you breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth and allow the out breath to be a natural relaxation.


  • Imagine your belly as bellows and as you breathe in, your belly rises and fills with the air, in the same way as bellows fill. As you relax with the outbreath, let your belly become empty of the breath and so it will flatten. If you can observe the breathing of a new-born baby, you will witness this very breath we are talking about, a natural ebb and flow of transformational breath.


  • Continue with this pattern of breath until you reach a natural pause point.


  • visualise your internal structure like a grid of life within you. Imagine you can see all the small emotional stuck points at various points across, in and down within the grid. Focus upon one of these emotional stuck points, give your attention to it and ask it what information it holds for you, ask for the gem of that experience to be kept by your higher Being for the expansion of your Soul.


  • Then imagine the breath moving into the inner child stuck point and gently, lovingly infusing inside that moment. Continue with the breathing as you visualise the stuck point dissolving and the life force releasing and flooding back into the whole of your internal grid.


Get a sense of how much lighter you feel after you have released this point and cleared a layer of fear from within you. Once you are feeling clear and at peace with that moment, when you are ready, you can let the breath recede to your natural breathing pattern, feel the bed beneath you, then slowly and gently open your eyes and re-orientate yourself back into the room. Give yourself some minutes to BE in the space and listen for any guidance in the form of inspired thoughts you may have, really listen to the thoughts coming forward in this moment following this conscious breath process

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