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New Book published 14th February 2018 now available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback versions.

Book coverYou are the creator of your own life by virtue of the intention behind the words you speak, the beliefs you hold and the corresponding emotions you feel every day. What you put out there will attract experiences, events and people who match what you are asking for either consciously or unconsciously.

In this book, Mandy Naylor has utilised story- telling to illustrate these simple truths. The story follows Sal, a whole perspective universal woman as she follows her spiritual guidance from non-physical reality in Divine inspiration to take a journey to meet six people in five encounters on one magical day. Sal is guided by the Ancients who are a Source energy representation who gather in ceremony to support the work of helping these six people connect into their own Inner Being and uncover the truth behind their limitations and the unnecessary suffering they have created in life for themselves

The Intention Mandy held in writing this book is to assist you and all people to become whole and fully present in your now moment of life. This is the moment of power, what you focus upon in this moment is creating the next and the rest of life in a never- ending cycle of creation.

Take this journey of awareness with Sal to illuminate the simple truth of how to live life from love and in joy.

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Practical Magic – A Journey to Wholeness

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